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Medline // Undercover


Undercover is the new cover project conducted by Medline.
After his cover album on Melting Pot Music in 2013, the second one with personnal composition on My Bags last year, he choosed to explore the rich environnement of library music, obscure jazz, funk and soul rarites, soundtracks, classic hits, so all kind of legendary groove produced in the 70’s around the world.

Week after week, the album will be loaded with a new cover song, picked from the mythic and impossible to find records pool or in the classic Lp shelf. The original album’s cover will be reproduced by Medline and customized with My Bags label’s elements.

The album will be unveiled and will take form, cover after cover, without any scheduling plan. Like in real natural life, following opportunities, daily inspirations, features, weather, events, discoveries. It will bloom live on our bandcamp until the final pressing stage.

As soon as, this project is filled up with a bunch of killer tracks, My Bags will record it on tape & vinyl.

During developement process, sharing it as digital album is a cool and easy way to share, and to follow Medline’s workflow.


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