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Born in 2013, My Bags is the underground answer to the actual music industry models.

Founded by Medline, firstly to release and promote his own creation, the label grows little by little, meeting emerging artists from all over the world.

Our philosophy is simple and can be resume by our motto:


It means we pay attention to the quality, authenticity, sincerity, personality, originality of the music. Because music is what we love. So the content is as important as it will give its definitive power to the packaging. It is also a direct way to understand an excellent creative soul.

Release after release we are enhancing our methods and follows our principles based on spiritual, natural and universal wisdom. We are cautious to keep a human size structure, working as deep as we can on each release together with the artists, pushing them the farthest as we can and taking care of their expectations.

Then, we hope to honor our cultural mission, being able to provide for music lovers, rich and fine artisanal products, working in a synergistic alliance between ethics and aesthetic.

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