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POW’EM N°11 // Aillacara 2743 « Sega Pépère »



« Sega Pépère » (Sega cushy) is a dive into the music of the Indian Ocean’s islands: Maurice, Madagscar and Reunion.
Sega is a music style to dance on and share community’s stories, a way to exorcise fatality, laugh about events, problems and turn a hard life into a hot joke.
Sega is always spicy, bouncy and groovy, born from the union of the french quadrille, east african, ethiopic, malagasy and Indian music. It’s a migrant and slave cultural blend. This mix of original 45 presents a deep panoramic view of Sega’s state in the 70’s. These vinyl travelled alot, crossing time and spaces until My Bags collection, so be gentle with the sound quality.
We are proud to open a window onto this culture and share these tropical rarities.
You can also listen to POW’EM N°8 « Mizic Creol » to complete the voyage.


01. Hervé – Mele – Mele Pas Toué P’tit Pierre
02. Claudio & Les Satanik – Danse Dans Mo Les Bras
03. Les Tropic’s De Paris – Le Fion Créole
04. Patrick Thirel – Pousse A Li
05. Ti L’Afrique – RAmona Le Bouffon
06. John Kenneth Nelson – La Ville Mahebourg
07. John Kenneth Nelson – Missie Coutou N°2
08. Erge Eudor – La Vie Là Lé Raide
09. The Features Of Life – Soul Sabbattah
10. Los Matadores – Valala e!
11. Los Fantasios – Sega Pépère
12. Roland Darty – P’tit Lampe P’tit Lampe
13. Claudio Et Son Ensemble – To Crier La Misère
14. Features Of Life – Sega Major

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