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Electroom Acoostap // Big Bad Blues


Available in digital. Cassette is sold out!

Electroom Acoostap produce a creative and unique sound in the worlwide beatscene. Working like a 70’s composer in a boom bap universe, he sounds alone like a entire live band, avoiding loops and using sampler as an instruments among others. His concepts and approaches are truly unique and always sign his projects with a recognizable print.

Electroom Acoostap – Big Bad Blues + The Black Files
With this opus E. A. show us that hip hop can find others way to express, others technics to product.
With a deep musical culture and style knowledge, E. A. hit directly to the core. Two projects coupled in one tape for ears who like raw hip hop feelings, dark grooves & human quantization.

« Big Bad Bues » is dedicated to the dj’s as beatmaking originators. During the presampler era, loops were made with records,
created live by juggling with a break on the turntables.
It’s why I’ve used turntables as only instrument to create this boom bap album. I use to be deejay since 1994. For me it’s a way to show how turntables are the roots of hip hop music. Diggin in the crates is nice, but play the turntables is even more great.

« The Black Files » is a compiled work inspired by crime jazz and drama movies. All the tracks are compositions produced without samples. At the opposite side of « Big Bad Blues » all the songs are played with live instruments and programed plugins.
We played this dark funk we love and arranged it in an orchestral way. The result is above our expectations. Each song is a story, listen, imagine and watch the movie. »

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