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The Fawbak Experiment // Third Space Ep.


Available on black matter cassette and digital.

Fawbak + Mal Smith on drums + Levon Adams on keys + Charlie Silas on saxophone

Is album is the fruit of free jazz recording sessions coupled with many hours of magical post production by Fawbak.
The expression is sincere, touch sweetly but deeply your soul. Each track takes you for a tour in a far, far unexplored space of your emotions palette. Colors, sounds, tastes are changed. The mood is purple, shaded by a dark lights from the skies.

From the very first notes, the music is quietly immersive, takes you until another space, time and life’s feeling.
As a little fruit on a planet, contemplating the immensity of a galactic road built from billions of stars, a so impressive combination of infinity, dark and cold light.

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