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Medline // The Struts

After the successful release of « Solstice » Lp, Medline keeps on his quest to cover legendary and iconic tracks. First 45 release on My Bags, these two struts are a perfect combo of soul jazz and funk anthems.

Your ears won’t lie, these tunes are perfect life soundtrack. They bring back the strutting spirit. When somebody is especially well dressed, moving, walking or dancing with style, showing his unique attitude.
Moreover, these brilliant compositions didn’t received recently a deserved dedication by contemporary artists. And a reunion of the two struts was for us at My Bags, just logic and essential.

For the historical side of this music, Young Holt Unlimited and The Meters dropped their singles respectively in 1968 and 1969 and entered the billboard hot 100.
No. 23 and No. 4 on the R&B chart for « Cissy Strut » and No. 40 for « Soulful Strut ».
The perfect funk formula of Cissy Strut is among Rolling Stones « 500 Greatest Songs of All Time ».

The singles get covered many times and very quickly, like the vocal version of « Soulful Strut » by Barbara Acklin, « The Same Girl » in 68. Soulful Strut was the source of many famous latin funk singles in Peru like « Al Ritmo Del Bump » by Enrique Lynch in 75, Otto de Rojas in 76, Los Bumpers in 76 also, and many other obscure singles release we have collected so far…

The perfect suit to our 45 is made by the mighty Alëxone Dizac. His awesome painting, printed on a thick colorful insert is giving to the record the elegant look to strut in your crates. This fancy dog, wearing a flaming sweater, jeans and cowboy boots, flying on a fur carpet with sneakers, which is flying too on a fur carpet, you’ll recognize what strutting means!!! 


released April 20, 2022

All tracks produced by Medline
Mixed and mastered by Medline
Painting and illustrations by Alëxone Dizac

« Thanks for sending over these two killer takes on some soul goldmines
Both are fantastic, and to hear that you played all the instruments on it too!?!? »
Kerem Gokmen – (WYEP Pittsburgh)

Big up Medline. Thanks for this. Just love it.
The crowd tonight was in favour for the flipside ‘Soulful Strut’
Global Riddims – Groovalizacion Radio / NYP Records

« Killer music as always…..Love these tracks and you always put your magic touch in your reworks. »
Jazzcat –

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