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Dusty Groove // Medline « Old Souls Carnival »

An even deeper set than Medline’s previous record – still very much in the mode of classic jazz and fusion styles, but done much more in his own voice as well – to a point where it’s far more than just a rehash of familiar sounds from the 70s! Instead, Medline almost re-imagines keyboard jazz for the 21st Century – not like some of the nujazz or broken beat artists of a decade before, who were coming from dance music first – but instead very much on his own, without any need to lace a tune with a groove to get it across. Stainless Steele presents a rhyme on one track, but the rest of the set is instrumental – and titles include « When Truth Blasts », « Realm Of Barbelo », « Power To The People », « Old Souls Carnival », « Flying Dervishes », and « Wild Sour ».

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