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POW’EM N°10 // Medline « Universal Flows »



My Bags presents POW’EM,  a powerfull poem in music mixed by guests or My Bags super heroes.

Poet for this n°1 session is Medline.

On the roads around the world, listening to what people have to share…
Music is one of the most subtle mean of expression, carrying emotions, knowledge, wisdoms, histories, memories, jokes through the ages, between humans, linked into cultural communities.
I picked vinyl records from all around the planet. Voices from the past, but sounds like just here, guests coming from another dimension, by a vibrating door.
Sound is definitely connected to the core of the physical reality. And each sound, each piece of music is an element in the electro-magnetic causal chain. Each track is the sound print of a cultural life form, from a place on earth, at a certain time. We are living on a huge infinite waveform, consider this mix as a surf board.

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