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Medline & Stéphane Carricondo // A Quest Called Tribe

A Quest Called Tribe begins with the series of portraits drawn by Stéphane Carricondo in 2017 dedicated to Hip Hop legends. 
As close partner in art Medline proposed to create a soundtrack for them, and first interpreting ATCQ’s classics with elements of the past, present and future. 

The best way to materialize this multidimensional tribute was obviously a vinyl. And it’s the one we unveil today. 

On the visual side: 
ATCQ’s portraits are composing the front cover and, assembled into a great scene, are printed on a colorful A2 poster. Stéphane Carricondo’s natural lines are highlighting each member’s soul map. The alchemy of the dark ink on emptiness gives to them an impressive sparkle of life . 

On the musical side: 
The classic themes are transformed into a polymorphic fusion, were jazz, funk and soul from the original sample sources converse with Tribe’s characteristic beats. Medline added a hint of his magic, unique rhythms, improvisations, arrangements, original orchestration and inspired melodies. 

The album is an ode to the band that marked both artist’s life and mind. A cultural print and school of sound that designed Hip Hop foundations. With a blooming expression Medline and Stéphane Carricondo are going to the roots of ATCQ in a quest for the tribe.


releases March 20, 2019 

Illustrations an poster by Stéphane Carricondo 
Music production, arrangements, interpretation, recordings, mix and mastering by Medline 
Cover design by Orlando Diaz 
Recorded between March and September 2018

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