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POW’EM N°12 // Aillacara 2743 « Danses Typiques »

After diggin couple of 45 coming from an old juke box, Aillacara 2743 is coming back with a dedicated mix to tropical music from the 50’s – 60’s. At the time in France a wave coming from South America, West Indies and Africa was conquering the living rooms as a new musical fever and dance style.
Firstly the cha cha cha, was carrying in its luggage pieces of calypso, rumba, jazz and the roots of boogaloo, salsa and latin soul, the sounds of a mysterious rich and far culture.
Many recipes were made, blends: african playing rumba, frenchies playing mambo… all bands trying to sell their treasures from the new world.
The colonial culture was succumbing by these rythms, in its very core, and by receving the primitive energy of the transe.

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