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El O & Radmo // Futur

First digital single released by El O featuring Radmo « Futur » exposes the human contradiction in our era and weird choices of civilization.

At a time where people runs for a new flat screen during black Friday to keep being brain washed, billionaires built bunkers to escape a probable zombie apocalypse, when editorial are playing the game of dividing people using religions as a scapegoat for all the main society crises… all are signs of radical changes to come.
El O & Radmo are drawing clairvoyant scenes of the planet and people living like lices on a bald head. These two veterans started in the Hip Hop golden era in 1993.
Rhymes are smart and precise showing reality’s stupidities and nonsense.

On an instrumental custom made like a dark jazz soundtrack with sparkles of boom bap and library music, the two mc’s lyrics fit perfectly the tone and heavy atmosphere created by Medline.

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