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Cosmic Analog Ensemble // Les Sourdes Oreilles


Available on red translucent vinyl plus a big size A2 poster, cassette and digital.

Les Sourdes Oreilles (The Deaf Ears), is the next generation analog cinematic music from the 21 century. Following the sound of 70’s cinematic jazz funk, this first 300 X 12″ from Cosmic Analog Ensemble is the new My Bags emergency hammer glass breaker.

Designed like a 70’s movie soundtrack Graal, with the perfect hijacking artwork of Jerk 45, the album is a future now crate digging target. Built like a narrative scenario, scene after scene, each composition deploys his uniqueness, from the explosives intense actions of « Camille 3000 », moments of suspence with « Sol Sur Sol » to running chase on « En Faction » and flying panoramic views of « Point De Bascule »… the compositions are depicting a rich range of situations, moods and intrigue.

Brilliantly composed, produced and interprated by Charif Megarbane, playing himself all instruments, track after track, each song is a one man piece of art.
Chiseled drum breaks, evocative bass and stirring melodies are a part of a bigger plan, sprinkled with subtle sound effects.

« Les Sourdes Oreilles » is a long artisanal goldsmith work, cooking occidental classic jazz funk tradition into an afro oriental kitchen. It’s what make this release so awesome, unique and necessary to our deaf ears.

This is a heavy rare groove material.
As you can imagine looking to the cover, this is all about legendary cinematic jazz funk, in the continuum of US, italian and french composers of the 70’s like François de Roubaix, Piero Piccioni, David Axelrod, Piero Umiliani, Galt Mcdermot, Alain Goraguer, Janko Nilovic…

The red translucid vinyl comes with a A2 (59,4x42cm) poster dedicated to the artwork and its autor Jerk 45. A nice way to give an extra life to a beatutifull cover. And it will be like this for all the next records to come!
It’s never too late for intemporal music, just if there’s no more copies for sale!

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