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Aywee // Flyin’ High


Charonne street, Paris, France 1992, the young Alheri in his 13th is chillin’ in the street after school. Walking near by the kiosk of the public garden, the place where the best city’s breakdancers are practicing in the neighboorhood, he finds a blue sport jacket left on a wood bench…
Back at home with this nice b-boy outifit, he looks himself in the mirror when trying different postures, he put his hands in the pockets and fall on a strange blue tape on which « Flyin’ High’ is written in stylish curves.
Directly loaded in the house’s double deck of the living room, as soon as he pushed play, a deep underground beat was hitting his mind and took possesion of his body.
He started moving, jumping and bouncing in the air totally controled by the music, making moves he was impossible for him to imagine, an instant ago.
After 40 minutes of almost levitating, he fell onto the ground as the tape ended.
His popeyed dog for only witness, Alheri decided to registered for the hip hop dance competition of the city, at the end of the year.
Of course he wins it and 25 years later, Alheri brought us this tape and its story to release it.


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