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Around A Record // Nato « Marijuana »

Spring and summer, are the good seasons of flea market in France.
I use to search for vinyl in Brittany and this July was a nice month for hunting them.

This time, I was selling also, having my own shop place, putting all the records I don’t wan to keep at home and not listening to.
I use to wake up late comparing to most of the collectors, sellers and crate diggers but I count on other assets, like better sniffing skills, look for forgotten spots, so I can find great records even late in the day.
This was the case with this 45 Nato « Marijuana ».

After have sold many records in the morning, my wallter was heavier and it was time to seek on other stands to see if records were waiting for me.
I bought a couple of 7″ from the Reunion and Maurice island, also Madagascar of 70’s Sega music. Then I went in a little street and had in sight a case in front of a house.

It was people I know, some friends of friends, that use to search for vintage furnitures and goods as junk dealers.
They had a couple of 45 that I directly identified as in a very large range of style coming from a curious, open minded and cultivated family.
I directly recognized a rare one, cover made of photos collage, and at the back signs of a little indy label, maybe a private press release.
The first title was also « Marijuana » and flashed into my former veteran smoker eyes.

It was definitely the signs of a scarce gem, a french progressive rock singer, with psychedelic concept and a subversive subject.
Back at home, vinyl on turntable, the song is definitely unique, talking about how he stopped smoke marijuana…
I laughed alot feeling like sharing his feeling about this experience made by the singer 40 years ago maybe, today I’m in this situation.


The lyrics were definitely not in the period’s habits and behavior.

The singer talk about how he felt with weed and people smoking it. Also he speak about his choice to not being stoned like every other hippies at this time!

It was a really brave positon in the french seventies, really conservative, and maybe it’s what make his record not so famous, a kind of buzz killer!



The music is quiet good, very indie in its sound and yrics. Another song « Faire L’Amour » contains very explicit lyrics for the perido and I had to stop listening to it when my kids where in the living room.

Otherwise it’s an excellent 7″ with very original music and artwork;

Artwork seems to be fully handmade, for example titles in the back cover written with a trembling hand font in the « O » of a big strange NATO.

All these elements make this record very unique and special and I was happy to put my hand on it and to share it now with MIMS vinyl lovers in Forgotten Treasures.





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