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Medline // SunSonSound


Available in digital. Cassette is sold out!

SunSonSound define Medline’s music origins, a palette of his musical slang.

This is Medline first exploration of full composed songs, before his last cover songs album « People Make The World Go Round » released by Melting Pot Music.

All is made without samples. The album is built on a movement of evolution, from the hip hop and its black classical music heritage, mixed with latin music to create new pathes, new formulas and patterns, to experiment new music balances and colours.

The result of this work of research is « SunSonSound »; Medline’s music signature and ability to creates new forms of living, under the colour of the crossbreeding. Each song is like a child, wich can give birth to other new combinations.

Project begun in 2008-09 with the production and release of Mercado Negro 7″ vinyl on Propaground, followed by the production of others SunSonSound’s themes.

This album is also feeded with Medline oniric universe, feelings, emotions, fears and certainties. It’s a world where animals are spirits and human are souls. Light and shadows of life’s experiences are the main ingredients to cook, sun’s fire the energy to merge the elements.

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