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POW’EM N°6 // Medline « Allons Enfants »


My Bags presents POW’EM, a powerfull poem in music mixed by guests friends or My Bags super heroes.

Poet for this n°3 session is Medline.

As the successive governements and politcal class are corrupted in France, the wealthfare state and civil rights are disapearing under hits became possible because of the state of emergency.
Citizens see their interests forgotten for those of a few oligarchic groups controling in fact the country thru lobbies and with a huge economic influence and financial power.
All human rights are left aside to enforce the power of supra national interests.
« Allons Enfants » are the first words of the national hymn « La Marseillaise » encouraging people to fight for their right and to defend a real democraty.
Today, we see more and more citizen’s political groups like « Podemos » in Spain, taking care and protecting people’s interests. It seems to be one of the solution for deep changes in Europe instead of troubles and a revolution to comes.

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