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POW’EM N°7 // Medline « Même Pas En Rêve »



My Bags presents POW’EM, a powerfull poem in music mixed by guests friends or My Bags super heroes.

Poet for this n°3 session is Medline.

Medline presents his vinyl discoveries after 3 monthes of crate digging into villages and little places of the french country side.
A trip on the roads of Brittany, Vendée, Pays de Loire… seeking for rare gems.
Intuition, luck, disapointements and surprises were some of the buddies in this adventure but at the end, the hours of search, with the help of experience, brought its reward.
« Même pas en rêve » means « not even in dreams », but this time, each record we played can be held today in our hands. It’s a middle finger to fatality, because we can still find priceless records for a coin.

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