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POW’EM N°9 // Medline « Beyond Horizon



My Bags presents POW’EM, a powerfull poem in music mixed by guests friends or My Bags super heroes.

Poet for this n°3 session is Medline.

We don’t know from where we come before birth and where we go after death. But these are the life’s known horizons. To go beyond the frames, is one of Medline’s musical purpose, in his music, in his mixes, in his videos, the out of boundaries artist shares his discoveries from the invisible world.
« Beyond Horizon » presents music and artists exploring new life and musical dimensions.
In this mix, Medline proposes a progressive ascension from jazz to a more free expression of it, until breaking the « jazz » tag. Because, alot of « jazz » musicians are not considering themselves to play jazz, but more than only this, as it’s an universal and personal musical expression, that can’t be enclose into only one word.

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